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What You Need to Know Before Installing a Heat Pump

Heat pumps do more than just heat the home; they also cool it and help to control the levels of humidity in your house. Buying and installing a heat pump is a major investment, and you should consider several factors to ensure that you get the most appropriate unit for your needs.

5 Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your Gas Line

Using natural gas to heat your home and power your appliances is generally safe, but if there’s a gas leak or other issue with your gas line, it can be very dangerous. Knowing the signs of a gas line problem will help you keep your family safe. These are some of the things to watch […]

Warm Your Home With Radiant Heating

When outdoor temperatures in the Pittsburgh area drop, a warm home can be a real comfort. Many types of heating systems are available to help homeowners achieve the warm interiors they desire. You are probably familiar with forced-air heating and baseboard heating systems, but a radiant heating system might be a foreign concept.

Get a Pro for Monvalley Heating and Furnace Repair

  Thinking of upgrading or improving your furnace? Hiring a good Monvalley home improvement contractor may prove to be a wise move. The least you’d want to happen is to let furnace neglect lead to dangerous occurrences. Few people realize that cracks in the heat exchanger of a furnace may lead to carbon monoxide release into […]

Pittsburgh Electric Heating

  If you want to improve your Pittsburgh home then you would like to maximize the comfort of it by installing an electric heater. What is an electric heater? What does electric heating mean? It is commonly defined as the conversion of electrical energy into heat to balance out the temperature of your home thus […]

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